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Xbox Series X Update Makes Game Downloads More Efficient

A new feature for Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One allows users to more efficiently pause games to improve download speeds.


, , and users are getting a new update this week. is releasing an update for the Xbox Dashboard that is focused on improving game downloads. Specifically, a new feature allows Xbox users to suspend games to boost the performance of download speeds.

Game downloading is now an important part of the Xbox ecosystem, with many gamers choosing to purchase digital titles. In terms of the all-digital, Xbox Series S, downloading is fundamental. While download speeds can depend on internet connection, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One also influence speeds.

For example, all three consoles actively throttle game updates and downloads if another game is in a session. With the suspend game option, users can pause games and download updates or a new game. They can then resume their game session later.

Works with Quick Resume

The tool works together with the existing Quick Resume feature that allows players to resume game sessions quickly. Coupled together, the two features provide a more efficient way to handle updates at optimum download speed without needing to manually quit a game:

“Download your games as quickly as possible with the new suspend game feature in My games & apps. Today, the queue warns you when your active game is slowing download speeds. Now you'll have the option to suspend your active game in order to free up bandwidth and get the most efficient download speeds. Then, with Quick Resume, you can jump right back into your game whenever you want to start playing again.”

Elsewhere in this round of April Xbox updates, Microsoft is bringing achievements back to the Xbox mobile application.

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