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Microsoft’s Leaked MS Poll Shows How Employees Rate Working for the Company

Microsoft employees told the MS Poll they generally like working for the company, with diversity winning favorable responses.


has over 160,000 employees around the world and you probably think it would be pretty good working for the company. However, what do a majority of those employees really think? Well, a leaked internal poll shows what 132,000 of Microsoft's staff think about working for the tech giant.

Each year, the company conducts the MS Poll, an internal employee satisfaction survey. In this poll, Microsoft staff can offer their opinion on a wide range of work areas, such as work/life balance, compensation, benefits, and leadership.

Microsoft has a good reputation as an employer, and it seems the MS Poll backs up that feeling. The survey shows employees are overwhelmingly positive about their work experience with Microsoft. Specifically under the category of “work group health” which includes inclusion, career development, and work/life balance.

However, there was a little more dissatisfaction when they were asked if they get a “good deal” financially by working for the company.

Details found by Business Insider show 123,000 of 149,000 eligible employees took part on the 2021 MS Poll. That's 88% of the company's staff, with the remaining 12% opting not to participate.


The “inclusion index” category drew the most responses, with 90% providing positive responses for “authenticity, belonging, belief in the commitment to diversity”.

Some other categories were less effusive, but still delivered positive results. For example, the “performance” category saw 66% respond favorably, while “deal” saw 73%. This latter category seems to be about whether an employee believes they get a good deal by working with Microsoft.

“Pay” has often been one of the more contentious points of the MS Poll over the years. For example, in 2020 just 55% of those asked believed their bonuses, salary, and equity were comparable with similar jobs at other companies. Unfortunately, no data regarding compensation has been leaked this year.

However, it did show that 84% of employees surveyed gave a favorable response to the “Work Group Health Index” category.

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