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GitHub Mobile App Gets Notification-Focused Update

The latest update for Microsoft’s GitHub Mobile experience gives users much more control over notifications on iOS and Android.


It's been exactly a year since Microsoft brought GitHub to mobile, making the code repository available on iOS and . Since then, several updates have enhanced the user experience. However, to celebrate a year of release, the latest Mobile update is perhaps the most useful to date.

First up is expansion of notification controls on the platform. Since launch, GitHub Mobile has been limited in how it lets users control their notifications. Specifically, it has been possible to toggle on/off notifications with a direct mention to the user.

Speaking to VentureBeat, GitHub's director of engineering Ryan Nystrom explains why this was the case:

“Push notifications [were] one of the very first features we added via a cross-team hack week with the GitHub notifications team. From that work, we created early versions of pushes for any type of activity, but we knew that without controls this could overwhelm users. “Notification fatigue is real, so we decided to start at a very high signal with lower volume through the initial direct mentions notifications.”

The company wanted to avoid developers becoming bombarded with notifications that may not be directly related to them. However, after taking on feedback from users, GitHub has learned customers do value the ability to have more controls over notifications.

With that in mind, the app now allows users to toggle notifications on/off for direct mentions, a pull request review, task assignments, and deployment approval.

“One of the core principles of the mobile app is that we're helping unblock people,” Nystrom adds. “Deploy approvals are a new flow for GitHub — for developers using GitHub mobile, we knew immediately it'd be valuable to get notified when your review is requested so you can unblock a deploy without the need to be at your computer.”

More New Features

Elsewhere in the new GitHub Mobile update, it's now possible for developers to view releases directly within the app Previously this was only possible by linking through the web portal. The company explains this has consistently been one of the most requested features over the last year.

Finally, GitHub on mobile not makes it easy for users to customize watch settings on their repositories. This means you can now decide to see a subset of actions that will show notifications in your inbox.

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Last Updated on October 17, 2022 11:42 am CEST

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