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Microsoft PowerPoint Gets Auto Fix Tool for the Web

Auto Fix on Microsoft PowerPoint will automatically format slides in a presentation, although it is only available on the web.


has been boosting the capabilities of PowerPoint for customers in recent weeks. Among the recent additions is the Presenter Coach expansion and deeper integration with Microsoft Word. In the latest update, is receiving a feature called Auto Fix.

As the name suggests, Auto Fix in Microsoft PowerPoint automatically helps you to organize slides and presentations. Formatting across a presentation is usually a time consuming and frustrating experience. With Auto Fix, PowerPoint will do the hard work for you.

The feature automatically adjust spacing, sizes, connectors, and alignments. Microsoft says there are some limitations, such as a lack of support for SmartArt, group shapes, and any slide elements that overlap.

To try Auto Fix:

  1. Create or open an existing presentation that includes multiple components that need to be formatted in PowerPoint for the web.
  2. Select two or more elements on a slide.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click one of the elements and select Auto Fix.
    • On the Home tab, in the Drawing group, click Arrange, and then select Auto Fix.
  4. The alignment of the shapes on the slide will be automatically fixed.

Microsoft is rolling out Auto Fix to PowerPoint for the Web now. Only 10'5 of Production users will get the feature at first, with a wider launch coming soon.

Recent PowerPoint Updates

Microsoft recently launched an AI-powered tool that converts Word documents to PowerPoint. The aptly named Export to PowerPoint presentation tool is now available for Word for the web. Also this month, the company released the Presentation Coach across platforms.

The tool is designed to give users instant feedback on their oral presenting skills including warnings for filler words, tips about culturally inclusive words, or flagging cliches. Presenter Coach is only active in rehearsal mode to ensure students aren't distracted while actually giving the presentation. At the end of a rehearsal, students get a report with detailed stats.

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