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How and Where to Legally Buy a Microsoft Office License

Find out where to buy fully legal Microsoft Office Licenses at discount prices.


Although focuses on selling Office via the -subscription model, you can still also use productivity suite as standalone programs.

If you don´t need the frequent updates and cloud-features such as free OneDrive storage of one terabyte, buying a standalone Office license might save you money overall if you know where to buy at a discount.

Similar to what we explained in how to buy Windows 10, just requires a valid license key to activate the freely downloadable suite of programs.

Even though you are given the possibility to test the suite for free for a period of 30 days, you need to keep in mind that at the end of this period, you will be asked to subscribe at a monthly fee for Office 365, the cost of which can amount to roughly USD 70 per year.

Buying one of the available Office packages with a once-off payment through the standard channels is very costly. Prices vary from USD 149 to USD 579. We deem the price to be far too high, especially so if you are a student.

Where to buy Microsoft Office and save

If you need Microsoft Office tools such as Word or Excel spreadsheets and all the other precious functionalities that Office can offer, we suggest a solution that is not only legitimate but at the same time, safe and that will allow you to save a considerable amount of money.

Where to buy Microsoft Office and save

Online, you will find numerous sites that sell licenses for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, the sources of these licenses are rarely transparent and sometimes illegitimate.

In fact, in many cases, you could encounter products that come from the so-called grey market. Fortunately, however, there are reliable vendors who deal with licenses that are legal and compliant.

Those licenses are usually recovered from dismissed computers that are no longer being used. Like in the case of Windows 10, Mr Key Shop can offer you such recovered licences at extremely attractive prices.

But is this legal?

The resale of ESD licenses (Electronic Software Download) recuperated from dismissed machinery, such as in cases where companies shift to the cloud, is a practice that is regulated by the sentence issued by the European Court of Justice (C-128/2011).  This proves that buying a license key for an ESD product from Mr Key Shop and similar vendors is 100% legal.

Let´s have a look at the main difference between buying Office licenses from Mr. Key Shop in comparison to other marketplaces.

Where you can buy a Microsoft Office License

Mr Key Shop

Mr Key Shop is an official vendor who offers license keys for Microsoft Office, Windows 10, and Antivirus products at very accessible prices. You will be able to find a vast choice of license codes for Microsoft Office at incredibly competitive prices.

The Best Sites where buy Microsoft office

Amazon is certainly one of the marketplaces that rates an excellent service quality and an ample price range, but as we have already mentioned, it is important to take heed when buying products such as Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.

Amazon itself does not provide recovered license keys. Cheap offerings for Microsoft Office, Windows 10 etc. are usually offered by third-party vendors via “Amazon Marketplace”.

Due to there being many vendors for software product keys, it is essential that you check the feedback from the many vendors that are present on the platform and to verify whether the licenses that are being offered are truly legitimate. Ensure that you receive a regular invoice that you can show if Microsoft were to run a check on the licenses.


The same applies to eBay. Beware of prices that are too low and take the time to check the rating of the vendor who offers licenses for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. If you purchase an invalid license which might have been stolen previously, Microsoft could block its use and you might face legal claims for participating in software piracy. Do bear our advice in mind and be sure that the vendor is reliable and that, in this case too, you are provided with a regular invoice.

Buying Microsoft Office at Mr. Key Shop

Once you have completed your purchase on Mr Key Shop, you will receive your product within a few seconds directly to your email inbox. This method not only allows you to have full and immediate use of the product, but it also allows you to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet by choosing a green solution considering that Mr Key Shop has decided to only send its licenses in digital format to avoid sending parcels that pollute the environment. The payment methods are very secure, and the customer care service is free of charge.

That which you will receive will be a Microsoft Office license with lifetime validity and that is 100% original. The Microsoft Office code will retain its validity even if you were to format your computer.

The following are the Microsoft Office packages available on Mr Key Shop:

How to buy Microsoft Office

We always advise our readers to make payments using the services that protect the buyer, for example PayPal, Stripe or Amazon Pay. Over and above this security, on Mr Key Shop you will find Trustpilot's rating that does not leave any room for doubt on the reliability of the vendor thereby guaranteeing an experience that is completely trustworthy.

And after the purchase?

Once you have made your Microsoft Office purchase, you will receive, by email, the instructions to download the required software from the official Office website as well as the activation code.

It is really a quite straightforward process thanks to the indications supplied by Mr Key Shop.

With only one click, you will have your product at your immediate disposal, in your email, plus opting for a green solution in total respect of the environment.

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