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Microsoft Reuploads Problematic Windows 10 Printer Patch

Microsoft was forced to pause a Windows 10 patch but after fixing the update it is now available once again through Windows Update.


has sent out a fix for optional update KB5001649, this was put on pause last Friday. This is a cumulative update sent out last week to solve printer compatibility issues on Windows 10 20H2.

While the fix seemingly worked, the cumulative update was causing installation issues for just about all Windows 10 users. Microsoft put a pause on the update to ensure it did not reach more users. Over the weekend, the company worked on squashing the bugs causing the problems.

With that work out of the way, the KB5001649 optional update is once again available to Windows 10 users. It can be found on the Microsoft Update Catalog, weighing in at 400MB. If you already have the update installed, you will need to pick up this patch, which will weigh less.

Printer Issue Fix

KB5001649 is a rate out-of-band patch. Microsoft usually issues problem fixing patches as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday roundup. March 2021 Patch Tuesday has already gone and a problem with some printer brands causing a blue screen of death (BSOD) persisted.

Microsoft took the step to rush out a patch outside its regular cycle. The update seems to have fixed the printer issue and with installation problems seemingly removed, it should be good to install.

Several printer brands are seeing blue screen of death (BSOD) issues when running their printer on Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1909, 2004, and last year's 20H1. A patch is now available to solve this issue.

It is worth noting it is an option update that you will need to manually get from Windows Update.

Tip of the day:

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