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Microsoft Delays Windows 10X Again, Won’t Launch this Spring

A report suggests Microsoft has yet to sign off on a release build of Windows 10X, postponing the SKU until later this year.


All signs have been pointing to releasing this spring. Indeed, it was initially thought 21H1 would really be the launch of the new modular platform. Microsoft confirmed that's not the case and now it seems Windows 10X won't be launch next month at all.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has decided to delay the release of Windows 10X yet again. If that's the case, this is at least the second time the company has pushed back the launch. Initial plans were the SKU would arrive in 2020, but that never happened.

Windows 10X was firstly planned to launch with the dual-screen . Microsoft later said the Surface Neo has been postponed, although the company insists not cancelled outright. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to reevaluate the needs to customers. With that in mind, Microsoft said Windows 10X would debut on single screen laptops.

In December, the company sent out the finalized launch preview of the platform, or so it seemed. Microsoft has still not signed off on a final production build for Windows 10X. That means the company is not going to be ready for a spring launch.

Later This Year

The report suggests Microsoft is holding back to ensure the launch of the new Windows 10 experience is more secure and without issues. Late spring is now looking likely for a final production build in preview, and then a fall launch for the SKU on new devices.

Microsoft is not going to sell Windows 10X as a standalone SKU. In other words, customers cannot buy it for their current PC. Instead, the platform will be exclusive to shipping pre-installed on laptops and desktops.

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