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Microsoft Bing Receives Major New Update

Microsoft Bing is getting a new recipes experience including UI, more details for local results, hover-over abilities, and more.


is boosting the capabilities of Bing with several new search improvements for the engine. According to the company, the new search experiences that will help people find information more easily.

Thanks to a UI tweak, the search results page is easier to navigate and makes it easier for Bing users to find what they are looking for. Microsoft has made three improvements overall:

New Recipes Experience

Microsoft's new recipes search tools for Bing includes new search abilities to provide more engaging information. Making the results visually rich but also informative was Microsoft's goal. Now users can see details such as calories and reviews directly in the search:

  • This view shows recipe pictures along with high-level information like calories per serving and user reviews. If a recipe includes a how-to video, we'll show that as part of the answer, and it will play if you hover over.
  • Seamlessly click from one recipe to the next and see them expand inline so you don't have to bounce from page to page.
  • The expanded view shows more information such as: an ingredient list and possible substitutions for when you don't have everything on hand, a drop-down menu for you to scale the recipe to a certain number of servings, and nutritional information.”

Carousel Improvements and Infographics

Microsoft has also updated the Bing carousel with a hover-over ability. When someone what to know more about a result shown on the carousel, they can now hover over it. Bing expands the result to show more information.

Bing now also supports a new infographic ability that shows infographic-style results when a broad topic is searched. Finally, Microsoft has also improved local answers for search results based on location-specific queries. Now the search engine shows a detailed overview of a search topic, including images and Maps information.

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023 5:54 pm CET

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