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Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Launches Free Website Creation Service

Microsoft wants to compete with Wix and Squarespace with its website creator in the Digital Marketing Center, now available for free.


is entering a new market. Through the existing Digital Marketing Center, the company is debuting a website creation service. This new platform will compete directly with Wix and Squarespace as a website creation tool.

Those rival companies are dominating in website creation, allowing organizations and individuals to easily set up websites in minutes. Microsoft's entry onto the market could allow the company to poach some users from the likes of Squarespace and Wix.

That said, Microsoft has a fairly dismal track record of entering an existing market and staying the course. It's just as likely the website creation service will receive little support and eventually disappear than it is becoming successful.

Although, Microsoft is certainly off to a good start. Customers can access the creation tool through the Digital Marketing Center, and it's completely free. That's an important piece of information because Wix and Squarespace are paid services… at least if you want a good website.


Elsewhere, Microsoft is providing some interesting tools out of the box. For example, users can simply import a website information from a Facebook page, or do the same from an ongoing ad campaign.

Like other DIY website creation platforms, Microsoft's uses ready-made templates. That means customers can jump right in to building their site without needing to know code.

To have access to the service, users must sign up for a Digital Marketing Center account. Selecting “I don't have a website. Help me build one for free” takes users to the creation tool. You can read more the new tool from Microsoft here.

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