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Microsoft Azure Get Asynchronous Document Translation Tool

Document Translation in Azure Translator can translate batches of documents while maintaining the original layout and format.


customers are receiving a handy new tool for the Azure Translator services. Called Document Translation, the feature provides automatic translation of document files across languages.

Importantly, Document Translation in Azure Translator maintain the original structure and format of a document when translating.

knows organizations working on Azure typically have a lot of documents to handle. That's why the new feature is an asynchronous batch tool, allowing customers to submit a group of documents at the same time.


When a batch is received, the new Azure Translator feature takes each individual document from the source. It then learns the format and then takes relevant information such as textual content through a parsing technique.

It then performs an AI-driven translation from the original language to the chosen target language. Finally, Document Translation puts the document back together to maintain the original layout and formatting.

“Translation of documents with rich formatting is a tricky business. We need the translation to be fluent and matching the context, while maintaining high fidelity in the visual appearance of complex documents. Document Translation is designed to address those goals, relieving client applications from having to disassemble and reassemble the documents after translation, making it easy for developers to build workflows that process full documents with a few simple steps.”, says Chris Wendt, Principal Program Manager.

Although Document Translation is joining current , it is not free as part of the platform. Microsoft says the feature will cost customers $15 per million seats. If you want to know more about this ability, check out the source link before or watch the video included in this article.

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