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Microsoft xCloud Coming This Spring, Here’s How It Looks

As Microsoft prepared xCloud for web browsers to overcome iOS problems, a new report highlights how the platform will look on PC.


's (Xbox Cloud Gaming) has been available to Android users for over a year. However, it has so far not fulfilled its potential as a cross-platform, multi-device game streaming service. That is slowly changing and Microsoft is now testing xCloud as a web version. Images from The Verge show how that new browser variant will look.

As we have previously reported, a web browser version of xCloud is important to help Microsoft bring the service to iOS. It will also provide those running non-gaming laptops and PCs to access Xbox games through the cloud.

If you're unfamiliar with Xbox Cloud Gaming, it is a cloud streaming service for Xbox games. It allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers to access Xbox titles from any device that supports the platform. Because all resources are held in the cloud and handled by Microsoft, people on underpowered devices like can play games.

Because handles the resources, these titles can run on mobile  and even smart TV. We have also seen evidence of the service being compatible with smart home devices, such as a fridge.

Coming Soon

Microsoft has officially confirmed this browser version is coming. Getting xCloud onto iOS has been an issue after Microsoft removed its preview from the platform last year. According to Microsoft. Apple's strict revenue policies were to blame for the removal. That left the company looking for workarounds to get xCloud on iOS.

It's not immediately clear what resolution Microsoft is streaming games at through this web version. The software maker is using Xbox One S server blades for its existing xCloud infrastructure, so full 4K streaming won't be supported until the backend hardware is upgraded to Xbox Series X components this year.

According to the new report from The Verge, Microsoft wants to bundle Xbox Cloud Gaming into the Xbox app on Windows 10. This will not be the browser version, but will provide PC users with a dedicated app on desktop.

Microsoft previously said its xCloud preview on will arrive during the spring, likely on its Microsoft Edge browser and Chrome.

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SourceThe Verge
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