Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is gaining some new abilities on macOS this week. Users on Apple’s platform now have support for vulnerability assessment for the first time. This tool is rolling out to all users and gives admins the ability to detect vulnerabilities that could harm Mac computers.

Specifically, admins can focus on vulnerabilities by finding which are more dangerous. They can then fix those flaws across an organization. Microsoft says Defender for Endpoint detects vulnerabilities in third-party software and within macOS itself:

“After onboarding your macOS devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you’ll get the latest security recommendations, review recently discovered vulnerabilities in installed applications, and issue remediation tasks, just like you can with Windows devices.”


If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, it was previously Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Windows Defender ATP debuted in 2016 and is mostly for enterprise customers on Windows 10. The service provides an early barrier against cyberattacks, detecting and dealing with incoming threats on enterprise networks.

The wider Windows Defender suite, including ATP, was rebranded as Microsoft Defender in May last year. Microsoft has since rebranded the ATP part to Defender for Endpoint.

Either way, the new ability expands the feature set of the service for Mac enterprise users. Once a vulnerability is found, Defender for Endpoint makes recommendations for dealing with the problem, including security hints. Users can also allow Microsoft Defender to fix the problems.

This tool is a welcome addition and comes nearly two years after Microsoft Defender ATP debuted on Apple’s macOS.

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