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How to Open File Explorer Folder Options in Windows 10

We show you how to access File Explorer's folder options in Windows 10 via the Control Panel, file ribbon, or through the use of shortcuts.


does a pretty good job at displaying files with its default settings, but experienced users may want to make some tweaks to the folder options to better suit their preferences.

The folder options in Windows 10 don't contain signification additions over previous OS versions, but there are a few tweaks you may want to make. One of the most common is forcing File Explorer in Windows 10 to open each folder in its own window. You can also access advanced settings which enable the viewing of hidden files, let you display the full path in the title bar, and more.

Today we're going to show you how to access these options via various methods so that you can choose the one that suits your preferences. Let's start:

How to Open Control Panel Folder Options in Windows 10

It's a little outdated now compared to 's Settings app, but the legacy remains one of the easier ways to access your options for File Explorer in Windows 10.

  1. Open Control Panel

    Press the Start button and then type “Control Panel”. Click the top result.

  2. Search for File Explorer Options

    Once you've opened the app, you can search for “File Explorer Options” in the search bar. In the results list, click “File Explorer Options” to access them.

How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10 via the File Explorer Ribbon

Personally, I find it easiest to access Windows folder options via the ribbon in File Explorer. As you likely have the app open already if you're looking to change something, it makes the most sense. If not, you can always just press Ctrl + E.

  1. Switch to the view tab in File Explorer and click ‘Options' 

How to Open Folder Options via the File Explorer File menu

If for whatever reason you have the ribbon for File Explorer in Windows 10 turned off, you can access folder options via the “File” menu. This is only slightly more time-consuming.

  1. Open the file menu and click ‘Change folder and search options'

How To Open Folder Options in File Explorer using Keyboard Shortcut

If you have a good memory for shortcuts, the fast way to get to Windows folder options is via the dedicated hotkey. You have to have File Explorer as your active window for this to work.

  1. Press ‘Y' to open the sub-menu

    You can view File Explorer shortcuts at any time by pressing Alt + V. You'll notice that the options menu has a “Y” under it. Go ahead and Press on your keyboard to open the sub-menu.

  2. Press ‘O' to open folder options

    To account for additional options if you have extensions, the button doesn't open folder options in Windows 10 directly – instead, it opens a drop-down list. Press ‘O' on your keyboard to select the “Change folder and search options” menu.

How To Open Folder Options from Quick Access in File Explorer

Last but not least, you can find folder options by simply right-clicking the quick access menu in File Explorer.

  1. Right-click Quick access

    Once there, press “Options” to open the relevant menu.

    If you found this tutorial helpful, you may also want to know how to enable the modern File Explorer and or change the default folder it opens in. Happy customizing!

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