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Minecraft Debuts Free Sustainability City Map Based on Microsoft Annual Sustainability Report

The Sustainability City Map is a free map for Minecraft and Minecraft: Education Edition, including six lessons for students.


While developer Mojang is owned by , crossovers between the companies are rare. You won't see Windows world in Minecraft for example as Microsoft's role as been more about expanding the remit of the game with services like Minecraft Education Edition. However, a new free Sustainability City Map does tap directly into a Microsoft initiative.

City map taps directly into Microsoft's Annual Sustainability Report. With the map, Minecraft players can explore some of the core themes and ongoing goals of Microsoft in terms of sustainability efforts.

Users can download the Sustainability City map from the Minecraft Marketplace under the “ Collection” category. As you may expect, the map is also available for Minecraft: Education Edition.

Mojang says subscribers to Education Edition can download six accompany lessons. These provide students more information about environmental causes including having sustainability in the home, to waste management and electricity saving.

Sustainability City Lessons

Below are the six lessons accompanying the new map for education users:

  • “Sustainable Food Production. Explore sustainable practices for every step of food production by visiting a farm, grocery store, waste facility, and recycling plant.
  • Outflow Order. Learn about water outflow and treatment to understand how biosolids contribute to fertilizer and how treated water returns to their homes.
  • Wasted to Wanted. Check out a landfill, and learn which materials are recyclable and what happens to materials that aren't reused.
  • Dependable Forests. Better understand the social, economic, and environmental impacts of responsible forestry.
  • Sustainable Home. Visit a home built with sustainable materials to learn how to live more energy-efficiently.
  • Alternative Energy. Make a trip to a hydropower plant to learn about power lines and wind power through turbines.”

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