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Windows Terminal to Get Settings GUI Customization Tool

Users have often requested a way to customize Windows Terminal and Microsoft is now bringing a GUI Settings feature.


Since launching in 2019, 's service has received numerous updates and improvements. The company's replacement for the old Windows Console is now receiving a much-requested new tool.

Many users have wanted Microsoft to bring a Graphic User Interface (GUI) page to Windows Terminal. The reason is the JSON-based Terminal allows customization but while there is flexibility editing JSON is not easy.

Microsoft listened to the requests it seems. Microsoft program manager Kayla Cinnamon took to Twitter recently to tease a Setting GUI for Windows Terminal. In fact, the employee all but confirmed the feature, saying it will arrive in the next preview update for the app.

In an accompanying GIF, Microsoft shows how the GUI customizations are accessed through Settings GUI. This is a tool that opens in a new tab and looks similar to Microsoft's existing Windows Settings application.

Once in Settings GUI, users can edit JSON file settings and customize parts of the Windows Terminal application. This includes profiles held on the app. If you want to know more about upcoming Terminal update, check out Windows Terminal's GitHub page.

Improving the Terminal

Terminal is a new command prompt experience for . Developers can leverage multiple tabs and customize the experience with themes. On that latter front, you'll need to edit a JSON file to access the full suite of customization tools.

Back in December, Microsoft rolled out version 1.5 of the app. Full hyperlinks are now supported, while the Terminal now detects hyperlinks without user input and allows the Crtl + click buttons to open links in a browser.

Elsewhere, version 1.5 adds support for emojis in profile icons. It is worth noting the emojis are not available in the new jump lists. Microsoft also points to a better tab switcher experience with this build. Users can now set tabs to switch from most recent or per order.

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