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Microsoft is fully behind the Open Web Docs initiative. The company this week announced support for the project that aims to bring support to a community of technical writers focused on the ongoing maintenance of web platform documentation.

“Today, we’re happy to share our support for Open Web Docs, a new collective which is dedicated to sustainably supporting high-quality, browser-agnostic, community-driven web developer documentation.”

Open Web Docs was launched this week with a roadmap for improvement coming soon. Firstly, the project wants to support the recent infrastructure changes in MDN. Furthermore, it will provide to the web technology documentation.

JavaScript documentation and browser capability data on MDN Web Docs will also be an early focus of the initiative.

MDN Web Docs Platform Shift

MDN Web Docs is a documentation repository developed by Mozilla. Microsoft shuttered all its documentation and moved to MDN Web Docs in 2017. Google and Samsung did the same, meaning MDN became one of the largest documentation platforms.

In December, MDN Web Docs moved to a new platform called Yari. One of the big benefits of the new Yari platform is closer integration with Microsoft’s GitHub code reposiroty. Open Web Docs will now help the transition of documentation to this new platform.

Microsoft’s support comes as the project switches to be more active with existing platforms. Redmond’s involvement is alongside founding sponsor Google and other tech heavyweights like Samsung, Coil, W3C, Mozilla, and more.

“This announcement builds on our ongoing commitment to contribute to the health and sustainability of critical web developer documentation, particularly MDN Web Docs.”

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