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Microsoft Pauses MSPAC Contributions Following Capitol Hill Attacks

Microsoft says no donations will be made from the MSPAC division as it assesses moving forward following Capitol Hill controversy.


As a private company, attempts to toe a neutral line when it comes to its political allegiances. Certainly, the companies employees cover a broad spectrum of political beliefs. However, when there is so much division in the country, it's hard for Microsoft to maintain neutrality.

One area Microsoft has tried to keep an unbiased system is in its Microsoft Political Action Committee (MSPAC). This division makes political donations to both sides of the aisle. In the light of the recent attack on Capital Hill and refusal from some Republicans to commit to a peaceful transition of power, have spoken out.

Last week, the U.S. Capitol Hill was attacked by supporters of as the U.S. Congress was certifying the results of the 2020 election. That election was won by Democrat candidate Joe Biden, but political strife has followed the result.

Microsoft employees voiced concerns to the company's president, , about continuing MSPAC contributions. When Smith took to Twitter to call for a peaceful transition of power, Microsoft employee Jake Friedman said he wants Microsoft to do more.

Pausing Contributions

He points out MSPAC has made donations to politicians who refuse to vote for the certification of the Electoral College, which allows Biden to become president. Two notable Republican dissenters who have benefitted from MSPAC in recent years include Sen Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley.

Microsoft says in light of recent problems it will pause all MSPAC donations. However, it is worth pointing out the company always pauses contributions during the first quarter of a new Congress. It will be interesting to see how the company moves forward and whether this is just a chance to score some cheap political points.

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