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Report: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 Will Launch with LTE

A new report suggests the Surface Pro 8 will debut with an LTE variant, apart from the Wi-Fi only entry-level device.


is widely expected to be launching the in the coming weeks, maybe the coming days. One of the major changes difference this year is that the new Surface Pro is likely to arrive with an LTE model, something Microsoft does not usually do.

Under normal Surface Pro releases, Microsoft launches the regular device first (the ) model before later rolling out the LTE variant. This generation is shaping up to be different with a LTE model arriving at launch.

As with previous generations, the LTE model will be reserved for the higher spec'd models. In other words, the entry level Surface Pro 8 will not get LTE, as has always been the case.

Speaking of that entry level model, we recently reported Microsoft is changing tactic. As well as the normal Intel Core i3 CPU/4GB RAM variant, another version will be release. This retains the Core i3 CPU but bumps the available RAM to 8GB.

Coming Soon

Microsoft is readying the launch of its Surface Pro 8 early in 2021. Unlike previous years, this upgrade of the Pro 7 is unlikely to be massive. Instead, Microsoft is aiming for incremental changes and probably not much of a media fuss.

In fact, a major media event (even virtual) is unlikely. This may change if Microsoft surprises with a new product, or even the international roll out of the Surface Duo.

In November, leaked images of the upcoming Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 put more weight behind the theory both devices will arrive in January.

Earlier this month, both new Surface products leaked with benchmark scores. Those scores showed some improvements over last gen devices, but no massive jumps.

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