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Microsoft Testing New DiskUsage Tool for Windows 10

DiskUsage in Windows 10 allows users to run a command-line check on their storage and manage files accordingly.


wants to make it easier for users on to find out how much space is being taken on their disk. More specifically, a tool that allows users to see a more granular breakdown of what files are taking up space on a device.

Called “DiskUsage” the tool is a commend-line feature in Windows 10 that is currently testing in Insider builds. Users can prompt this tool to reveal the overall size of their drives, how much space is left, and which files are hogging the space.

Yes, the Windows 10 Settings app already provides a storage breakdown but DiskUsage will show more details.

Users can set filters to remove or show specific types of files, and scans can even run in a single folder or system directory. Classic storing options such as largest or smallest file are also available. Needless to say, this is a very useful tool for understanding why your disk is full.


A full storage drive can lead to performance issues, so being able to easily manage files is important. Even for users with plenty of space left, knowing if some files are unnecessarily hogging space is a handy feature.

As mentioned, the tool is currently only available on preview builds in the Windows Insider Program. It comes with the following abilities:

  • Scan specified folders or entire drives with detailed information on how much each subfolder is using.
  • Display size for system files and reserved space (if enabled).
  • Filters to information by its FileSize and SizeOnDisk.
  • Identify folders using ‘greater or equal than SIZE' filter.
  • Output customization.

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