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Surface Pro 8 Base Model to Get 8GB RAM Option

Microsoft will give the entry-level Surface Pro 8 a variant with 8GB of RAM, a first for the company’s base Surface Pro model.


is preparing to launch its early in 2021. Unlike previous years, this upgrade on the Pro 7 is unlikely to be massive. We expect incremental changes and probably not much of a media fuss by Microsoft… just a simple announcement. Getting closer to the reveal, reports suggest all models of the Surface Pro will get a bump.

According to WindowsLatest, that also includes the base model. It seems the entry-level model will get an Core i3 processor and just 4GB of RAM. Those are some modest specs but should still be enough to deliver a decent PC experience.

However, the report points to Microsoft also offering an improved variant of the base model. Specifically, one that retains the Core i3 CPU but bumps the available RAM to 8GB.

That would be an important evolution for the Surface Pro line. In fact, it would be the first time the entry model has landed with 8GB of RAM. Previous generations have kept the 8GB RAM option for the Core i5 model.

With the Surface Pro 8, Microsoft will essentially have two versions of the base model. With that in mind, here are the Surface Pro 8 models we expect to arrive soon:

  • Core i3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD OR Core i3, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD.
  • Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD / 256GB SSD
  • Core i7, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD, 512 GB SSD or 1TB SSD storage

Landing Next Month

It is now widely expected the Surface Pro 8 will be a new year launch next month. In November,  leaked images of the upcoming Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 put more weight behind the theory both devices will arrive in January.

Earlier this month, both new Surface products leaked with benchmark scores. Those scores showed some improvements over last gen devices, but no massive jumps.

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