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Changing Microsoft Teams Backgrounds Has Never Been Easier, Here’s How You Do It

A recent Microsoft Teams update makes it easier than ever to set a custom background. Here we show you how to do it.


Teams has become on of Microsoft's most important services. It is arguably the most well-featured of all the workplace chat and collaboration tools. One of Microsoft's challenges is making the rich feature set of Teams easy to use. As more tools are added, the company does not want to make the service hard to use.

One area where is excelling is in support for backgrounds. Of course, most video calling services allow users to change backgrounds, including Zoom and Microsoft's own Skype. However, during 2020 Microsoft has made Teams arguably the most robust in this aspect.

Microsoft has recently updated Teams to make it even easier to place a custom background on a video feed. Thanks to the new simplified method, new custom backgrounds can be added in seconds.

Allowing users to easily manage backgrounds is a part of that success. Whether you want to professionalize your meetings with a company logo, hide your background, blur something out, or even choose a whacky image, below is how you do it:

New Method for Adding Custom Background

Here's how you add a custom background following Microsoft's recent Teams update:

  1. When in a video call, choose the three dots icon which brings up “More actions”.
  2. Select the option “Apply background effects”.
  3. Select “Add new”.
  4. A windows will open showing images, choose the image you want as your background
  5. Select “Open”.

And that's it, the image is now available for custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams. If you are coming to this concept completely fresh, you may be wondering how to set a background in Teams, custom or not. Below is how to do just that:

  1. During a video call, select the More actions three dots button.
  2. Select the option “Apply background effects”.
  3. Find the image you previously uploaded.
  4. Teams gives you the option of seeing the image in Preview to see how it will look (this is optional).
  5. Select “Apply”.

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