Microsoft Flight Simulator launched in August and has been one of the major game successes of the year. Arguably the most graphically impressive title of all-time, the game is also selling in huge numbers and winning rave reviews. Currently available on PC, Microsoft has now confirmed Flight Sim will land on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in 2021.

Summer of 2021 to be more accurate, although the company is also killing plans for an Xbox One launch. Or that’s how it seems because Microsoft does not mention the old console in the trailer.

That’s a shame, especially since Microsoft said Flight Simulator would come to its now old console. No reason has been given for going back on that promise, but I think it’s obvious. The company wants as many people as possible to move with the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Flight Simulator is the kind of game that could push them to an upgrade.

It is also worth noting by the summer of 2021, the Xbox One will be a more distant memory. Microsoft will be full steam ahead on the new generation of hardware. Although, Xbox One continues to be supported by the company, including with game launches.

Just not Flight Sim it seems.


Since launching, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a huge success. It is on course to sell millions of copies. Analysts also point to the game creating its own mini industry around peripheral sales worth billions of dollars.

Microsoft has already sent out two world updates for the game. The second arrived last month with a bunch of improvements and additions. Called World Update II: USA, this update is available globally and provides new content related to the United States.

It includes 48 brand new points of interest with full graphical detail, alongside some new airports.

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