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Microsoft Working with Developers to Ease Xbox Series X Performance Issues

Microsoft says it is aware some games are not performing well on the Xbox Series X compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5.


For the most part, the launch of the and Xbox Series S this month has been successful. The new consoles are sold out and demand is stretching as far as April 2021. However, there are some issues starting to creep in. Notably, the Xbox Series X has been displaying performance issues that is working to solve.

Performance issues and the Xbox Series X should not go together. This is the most powerful console ever and on paper, even surpassing Sony's . However, side-by-side reviews show the PS5 is playing games better than the Xbox Series X.

Games such as Dirt 5 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla are two notable examples. So, how is this possible considering the specs of the Series X?

Well, it seems Microsoft needs to work directly with developers to ensure affected games can perform up to the capabilities of the console.

“We are aware of performance issues in a handful of optimized titles on Xbox Series X|Sand are actively working with our partners to identify and resolve the issues to ensure an optimal experience,” the company tells The Verge.

“As we begin a new console generation, our partners are just now scratching the surface of what next-gen consoles can do and minor bug fixes are expected as they learn how to take full advantage of our new platform.

“We are eager to continue working with developers to further explore the capability of Xbox Series X|S in the future.”

Early Sales

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft delayed the manufacturing of Xbox Series X to wait for AMD chip technology. This could mean there are more PS5 units are available. That guess seems to be true. While both consoles are sold out, reports suggest the PS5 sold double the number of units of the Xbox Series consoles on the first day of release.

SourceThe Verge
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