Microsoft’s Dev Channel is a new branch of the Windows 10 Insider Program that replaced the previous Fast Ring. In the summer, Microsoft said the Settings app on Windows 10 would eventually add new items for Dev Channel Insiders. It’s been a few months, but those promised changes are now rolling out to users.

Specifically, the Settings app now has a web browser shortcut in the header. This new item sits alongside existing shortcuts like Windows Update, Microsoft Rewards, and OneDrive.

When this new shortcut is selected, it will offer Microsoft’s recommended internet settings. No prizes for guessing those recommendations are to use Bing as a default search and Microsoft Edge as the default web browser.

For those rare users who have both those as default, the pop up will instead pat you on the back for already making Microsoft’s preferred choice.

Microsoft keeps trying to find ways to advertise its services inside Windows 10. Users always reject this kind of advertising, but the company is becoming increasingly subtle. This latest move is the sort of addition I can see never leaving preview.

Ad Controversy

Back in June, shortly after Microsoft Edge became available in Windows 10, Microsoft started pushing users to the browser. I have previously questioned Microsoft using Windows 10 as an advertising platform for its services.

Back in 2017, the company brought ad banners to the Microsoft Store. Of course, people expect to see ads in the Store, but what about Windows 10?

A previous experiment to use adds in the Mail and Calendar app did not go well. Microsoft was forced to remove the ads after users reacted to them negatively.