During the ongoing communication app wars and rise in enterprise and personal collaboration tools, Microsoft Teams has taken much of Microsoft’s focus. However, the company has also been pushing Skype Meet Now, including bringing it to Windows 10. This week the tool is rolling out to more users on Microsoft’s platform.

While it seems like Microsoft Teams and Skype Meet Now are competing, that’s not really the case. Teams is much more focused towards enterprises with collaboration tools and more support for participants.

Skype Meet Now is far more limited, especially in adding more participants. Some tools, such as muting participants are lacking in nuance (they can simply unmute themselves), and Skype does not have enough host tools.

It seems Meet Now is more suited to 1:1 meetings. Whether that makes it a Zoom killer I am unsure, maybe as a personal too but not for organizations.

Rolling Out

Either way, Meet is baked into Windows 10 these days and is now reaching more users. In fact, Microsoft says all users who are on Windows 10 version 20H2 and below can get it. Yes, that basically means anybody running a supported Windows can get it.

With the new integration, users can bypass the need to open Skype first. Instead, Windows 10 users can begin video calls by creating a share link through a button in the OS’ taskbar notification section.

Neither the host nor the recipient need to have Microsoft accounts to access meetings. This gives Meet Now a handy advantage over Zoom.