Microsoft To Do Graph APIs Give Developers App Integration Tools

Microsoft To Do Graph APIs are now available, allowing developers to build tools that integrate with the Microsoft To Do app.

To Do is a task manager application that is available across platforms. Over the last couple of years, the tool has become increasingly powerful as Microsoft has folded features from the deprecated Wunderlist into the new service. Now, is about to get even more useful.

At least to developers because Microsoft has announced Microsoft To Do Graph APIs. By leveraging APIs, developers can bake To Do into their applications. Specifically, create apps that connect directly into the application.

With Microsoft To Do Graph APIs, developers can create workflows from their applications to the To Do app. Furthermore, they can sync application tasks to To Do for a single view. The services also function in business applications.

  • “Create tasks from your app's workflow, for example, from email or notifications, and save them in To Do. Use the linkedResource entity to store the link back to your app.
  • Sync your app's existing tasks with To Do and create a single task view for better prioritization and manageability.
  • Manage To Do tasks in a custom business application.”


Currently there are three APIs available. With todoTaskList, developers can create tasks in apps, with todoTask they can represent an individual piece, and with linkedResource syncs any item from a linked application:

  • CRUD operation on todoTaskList entity /me/todo/lists
  • CRUD operation on todoTask entity /me/todo/lists//tasks
  • CRUD operation on linkedResource entity/me/todo/lists//tasks//linkedResources

Microsoft To-Do is available on Android from the Google Play Store here. To get Microsoft To-Do on iOS, head to the App Store here.