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WhatsApp Debuts New Storage Options to Better Manage Media Files

WhatsApp has released a new storage management system that allows users to see media files and take bulk actions on them.


wants to make it easier for users to view and manage their on the app. A new tool for the -owned communication service allows users to see different file types and deal with them more efficiently.

With the new storage option, users can view GIFs, videos, and photos they have received on the app. For some users, WhatsApp is their primary communication tool and attachments can stack up quickly.

Certainly, it is not uncommon to have hundreds or even thousands of videos, GIFs, and images from the service. Sure, users will want to keep many of those files, but will also want to delete a lot of them.

In the past, the in-app tools for managing WhatsApp storage were basic. Users would need to head into their wider phone storage to manage files received on the service. Now the company is removing that step and allowing users to take bulk actions directly within the application.

Storage Options

It is possible to sort files by size and preview them before choosing whether to remove them or not. It works like in , allowing users to select bulk files, view them, and delete them if necessary.

Chat Folder View

WhatsApp says the new feature is rolling out around the world this week. It seems to be a phased roll out because I do not yet have the feature, but a WinBuzzer colleague does. If you want to check if you have the new tool, open the app and head to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Manage Storage.

This new ability is further evidence of WhatsApp looking to expand the functionality of the app. It now feels like a more professional experience as opposed to the simple instant messaging tool it once was. Recent features like a Search the Web fact checking tool and 8 video call participants show the company has ambitions beyond just everyday consumers.

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