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Microsoft Visual Studio Code Linux ARM Support Benefits Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi

Microsoft has sent out version 1.50 of Visual Studio Code, adding Linux ARM build support for the first time on the platform.


is one of the most popular tools, so it's easy to assume the platform is ubiquitous. However, that's now the case and there are some platforms where VS Code is now unavailable.

Microsoft is working to address those gaps in availability with a couple of new support. Specifically, Microsoft Code now supports Linux devices on ARM.

This is an important change that will drastically expand the availability of VS Code. That's because ARM on Linux runs on Raspberry Pi. Of course, this is a platform that has been massive in the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

These days, the Raspberry Pi is something noteworthy. Indeed, Raspberry Pi 4 now packs decent specs. With support for Visual Studio Code, developers on Linux ARM can leverage the platform to tap into remote hardware.

Supporting ARM does not only mean big news for Raspberry Pi. It also means Visual Studio Code is now available on ARM Chromebooks. Several laptops running 's Chrome OS pack ARM-based computing.

Developers can now use VS Code on Chromebooks, extending to ARM-based products for the first time.

VS Code September Update

Microsoft made the change through CS Code version 1.50. This was the September update that also introduced the following features and improvements:

  • “Accessible settings editor – Interact with the settings list like any other list in VS Code.
  • Pinned tabs improvements – Resize pinned tabs, unpin with one click, and more.
  • Linux ARM builds – VS Code is now available for both Linux ARMv7 and .
  • Improved debugging experience – Improved hover and filtering in debug console.
  • New JS debugger features – Toggle auto attach flows and see performance in real-time.
  • Panel layout improvements – New panel maximization settings and bottom panel size.
  • Webview Views support – Build extensions with webview views in the sidebar and panel.
  • Updated “Create a Dev Container” tutorial – Get started with Development Containers.”

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 3:43 pm CEST

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