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Microsoft Debuts New Windows 10 21H1 Custom Install Options

Microsoft is updating the Out of the Box Experience in time for Windows 10 21H1, allowing more customization options.


is rolling out Preview build 20231 to Windows Insiders this week. This is a preview release for Windows 10 21H1, which will ship to end users next year. Leading the new features is a new OOBE screen for the platform.

OOBE stands for “Out of the Box Experience” and is the install walkthrough you navigate for new Windows installations. The blue background guide is also available on major feature updates.

In Windows 10, the OOBE allows users to configure their settings during system setup. For example, they can customize privacy levels, choose preferred services, select a keyboard layout, setup internet connections, and choose a language.

The OOBE also gives users the ability to customize their personal experience. This is the area you can attach a Microsoft account to Windows 10 or start syncing with OneDrive across devices.

Microsoft's new OOBE experience for will give users more options about device usage and also services recommended by Microsoft. According to the company, the OOBE choices remain optional but will continue to pop-up during major upgrades and installs.

Customization Options

Microsoft is allowing Insiders to test the following OOBE options:

  • “Gaming: The games that you play or you may want to play. Microsoft's suggestions will help you stay up-to-date about new releases.
  • Creativity: Apps, presentations or videos that bring ideas to life.
  • Schoolwork: Your notetaking apps, , etc.
  • Family: Microsoft will help you connect to your family members in your Microsoft account. These suggestions will also help you edit safety settings, and give additional information about profiles on the device.
  • Entertainment: Streaming, music, web browsing and .

Business: Manage your organization or customers, personal expenses, and run your business.”

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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