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Microsoft’s Surface Duo Facing Hardware Problem with Reports of Cracked USB-C Ports

A growing number of Surface Duo owners are reporting their USB-C ports are facing hardware issues, causing a problem for Microsoft.


's has been available in the United States for a few weeks. One of it's saving graces amongst mixed reviews has been its stellar hardware. People have praised Microsoft's design, ergonomics, and attention to detail, while lamenting the software for feeling like a first generation.

As most are suggesting it would be better to wait for Surface Duo 2, the last thing Microsoft needs is hardware problems. Unfortunately, owners of the smartphone have hit to complain of issue with their handsets.

It seems as though a growing number of users are having issues with the body of the device around the USB-C port. This section is chipping and even cracking in some places. The number of reports is slowly growing and have been since launch.

The question is whether these issues are isolated, or they point to a wider hardware manufacturing defect on the Surface Duo. Microsoft will hope the latter, but logic suggests the former. There are probably not hundreds of thousands Surface Duo handsets sold yet, so it will concern Microsoft early adopters are having issues.

Big Promblem?

Many reviewers of the handset have marveled at the quality of the product, especially the amazing hinge. The dual-screen device is looking to be a trailblazer in the smartphone market. However, most people see the software as a solid first attempt, but not the real deal.

Microsoft may be able to solve some of those software issues (such as slow response for screen switching and gestures) with updates. Certainly, we have seen the company take that step with an upcoming camera update.

However, solving a widespread hardware issue is much more of a headache. Are we looking at a situation of mass recalls and removal of inventory? It's too early to tell, but that would be a disaster for Microsoft.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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