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Skype Preview Version 8.65 Arrives With a Host of New Features

Among the new tools in Skype Preview version 8.65 are a new Raise Hand tool, background blur on Android, and Meet Now for Safari.


is currently rolling out an update for the app across platforms. Now moving to version 8.65, the communication service is gaining plenty of additions and changes. Microsoft has posted the changelog and there's a lot to get through.

Let's start with what's probably the most interesting new feature in the update. It's called Raise Hand and it allows Skype Preview users to be more active in meetings. It seems perfect for educational situations.

As the name suggests, Raise Hand is a way to notify a speaker, teacher, or host without interrupting them.

Moving on, Microsoft has finally brought background blur to Skype Preview on . You may remember the ability to customize a video background came from Microsoft Teams. It was available on Skype for other platforms back in April with the launch of Skype version 8.59.

Elsewhere, smart suggestions are now available on iOS, allowing users to have more direct share options. Reactions are also more dynamic and can be chosen and customized through a reaction picker.

Meet Now is an important new part of the Skype Preview experience. Meet Now came to Skype earlier this year, as “a simple, hassle-free way to connect with the important people in your life on #Skype, no sign-ups or downloads required”.

A week ago, Meet Now was baked directly into Windows 10, and this week is coming to Skype for 's Safari browser.

Full Changelog

“Background Blur for Android. We are expanding this amazing feature also for Android users.

New message reaction picker! Missing some reactions? Just customize your reaction picker and add or remove any reactions you want.

Smart suggestions for iOS. We have added direct share support to your iOS devices so you can share text, photos, videos and files with your frequent Skype contacts.

Meet Now support for Safari. Join Meet Now calls via Safari on Mac. You don't need to download the Skype app first if you want to join as a guest.

Join Meet Now calls easily. If Skype is already installed, you can just join the meeting by pasting the meeting URL/meeting ID into Skype.

Supporting CallTo and Tel protocols for Windows and Mac.

We have also updated Skype on Kindle Fire.”

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