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Why Microsoft’s Optional Updates Should Be Avoided

The concept of Optional Updates for drivers on Windows 10 seems interesting, but early problems suggest users should avoid them.


's Optional Updates for are designed to give users more freedom over updates. Previously, all driver updates were sent out as automatic updates. This means users would be at the mercy of bugs of issues. Optional Updates change this, but it's not all good news as the general situation as not changed.

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft's Optional Updates are being made available to the wrong users. More specifically, driver updates are recommended when they are not compatible with the receiving system.

In other words, while Optional Updates may solve users getting bugs without warning, they have their own issues. As WindowsLatest reports, it is worth users simply avoiding these updates altogether until Microsoft sorts this out.

The problem seems to lie with the Optional Updates page. This can be found through Windows Settings and allows users to pick and choose which driver updates to install. Sounds good. However, your PC will not only surface driver updates that are meant for it. Instead, Microsoft is listing driver updates that are incompatible.

Driver Lottery

Of course, many users will have no idea which drivers are meant for their PC or not. The problem has become worse in recent weeks since Microsoft expanded to include Intel drivers. This means users face a long list of potential driver updates, many of which won't work on their machine.

Sure, you could take more time to check compatibility, but the obvious advice in the current situation is to simply not install any optional driver updates. Microsoft even warns users away from the feature, pushing them instead to manufacturer websites for updates.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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