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ARM Targets Intel Server Dominance with New Arm Neoverse Platforms

ARM is extending its range of server platforms to four, with the upcoming Arm Neoverse V1 with SVE and scalable Neoverse N2.


ARM has been making inroads against chip rival for several years. In the latest milestone, the company says its Arm Neoverse server platform, which is aimed at dismounting Intel as a leader in server farms. Those plans are now taking shape with two new Neoverse platforms in the pipeline.

Arm Neoverse was initially announced in 2018 but did not launch until Neoverse N1 and E1 launched a year ago. Now ARM is expanding the series by road-mapping two new versions.

The first is Arm Neoverse V1 with SVE. This is the first V-series implementation of the server platform, allowing a 50% increase in single-thread performance. This makes it a good option for applications that need more bandwidth and enhanced CPU performance.

V1 comes with support for Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), which will make it ideal for services that work on the cloud, such as high-performance scenarios.

“SVE enables execution of SIMD integer, bfloat16, or floating-point instructions on wider vector units using a software model that's agnostic to the width of the unit. With SVE, we are ensuring portability and longevity of the software code, along with efficient execution.”

Neoverse N2

N2 is Arm Neoverse N2 on a scalable level. It boosts performance further for scaling out across applications and scenarios. This could be enterprise networking, cloud flows, or powering of edge devices. ARM points out this platform also provides 40% more single-threaded performance over N1.

“One of our key goals is to provide partners the building blocks they need for continued innovation and design flexibility. Critical to this mission are our chip-level interfaces, which provide the opportunity to design system-level solutions. Our investment in both CCIX and CXL ensures our ecosystem can deliver relevant technology quickly and efficiently. Now not only are we providing leading edge cores, we are enabling partner solutions with fast fabric and high core count scalability.”

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