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Microsoft’s Latest Optional Windows Update Sending Old Driver Updates

A new Windows Update focused on a driver bump is sending the drivers versions to incompatible Windows 10 machines.


When users see a pending on their PC, they could be forgiven for getting a foreboding feeling in the pit of their stomach. updates are as well known for adding bugs to machines these days as they are for fixing issues and adding features. And it is happening again, but this time Windows Update is not rolling out a broken release.

Of more accurately, it's not that an update has problems. Instead, a new update for Windows 10 is arriving with drivers that are not compatible with machines. Users are reporting they are receiving drivers that are not designed for their brand or model.

All the drivers are being sent out to all Windows 10 devices, aside from those on the Windows Insider Program.

As for the update, it is “-System”, which has been rolling out since the middle of last week as part of an optional driver package. Optional is the key word here as it means users do not have to download the update. This is not one of those pesky automatic updates.

Don't Download

So, the obvious thing to do is avoid installing this release. However, many users didn't know it has problems and have already installed it. Furthermore, users report the driver will still appear as available for download even if it installed on a machine.

We expect to react quickly to this and remove the update. However, if you already have the optional update, you could face a notable problem. Specifically, your device driver will be downgraded. This adds the inconvenience of you needing to head to the manufacturer website to get the latest compatible version.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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