This Friday, Microsoft will start shipping the Surface Duo smartphone, although only to customers in the United States. Ahead of the launch of the device, the company has published support pages for the Android handset.

Microsoft officially debuted the Surface Duo last month, nearly a year after introducing the smartphone. Customers will start receiving the handset on September 11 and it costs $1,399.

At last month’s launch, Microsoft explained details of the Duo, including its core specs and general information. However, Microsoft is still quite on the finer specifics of the hardware. It doesn’t help that reviewers have not been able to properly look at the Surface Duo, with Microsoft limiting them to only looking at the hardware.

Clearly, the company is nervous about negative reviews around last-generation specs used in the device.

Helpful Guides

Either way, support pages are not in place to give a complete overview of the smartphone. For example, users can see all features available on the Duo, how to set up the dual-screen device, and how to attach the bumper case Microsoft bundles with the handset.

Of course, form factor is the major selling point of the Duo. With two screens and its book-like design, the device presents a new era in smartphones. Most users won’t be familiar with using such a device.

Microsoft’s support pages detail the different ways the Dup can be used. Guides highlight how the two screens can work in apps, function for multi-tasking, and more. Perhaps the most interesting addition is showing users how to make a phone call.

It’s worth noting Microsoft has been posting videos on its Surface YouTube channel covering some of the basic usage ideas of the Duo. You can check out the channel here.