Image: Zak S

You know the old adage, there’s no smoke without fire? Well, there’s so much fire around Microsoft’s Project Lockhart console that it’s burning down the house. An all-digital version of the upcoming Xbox Series X, Lockhart will reportedly be called the Xbox Series S and is leaking more than a faulty tap.

Over recent months, rumors have come from all angles regarding the existence of the Xbox Series S. All the while, it is worth remembering Microsoft has no official info on the device. The latest leak for the console comes in the form of official promotional information.

Specifically, materials that come with current new Xbox One controllers. In the Xbox Game Pass documentation that comes with the controllers, reports suggest the Xbox Series S is mentioned.

Project Lockhart and a Journey of Leaks

Microsoft has long been thought to be working on a second iteration of its next-gen consoles. Project Lockhart will sit alongside the Xbox Series X as a more affordable all-digital variant.

Interestingly, the possibility to both devices arriving side-by-side was squashed by Microsoft. The company insists Xbox Series X would launch alone. Certainly, all marketing for the Series X suggests that’s the case. A likely scenario is Microsoft announces Lockhart when it reveals shipping dates for the Series X, with the lesser console arriving sometime next year.

Sony has already announced the PlayStation 5 alongside a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Microsoft will be eager to match its rival across two price points.

In August, a next generation Series X controller mysteriously appeared. The documentation for the gamepad also made reference to the Xbox Series S.