Windows  BSOD fLIKR

Here we go again. There are an increasing number of complaints highlighting problems with Microsoft’s August 2020 Patch Tuesday cumulative update. Once again, a subset of users are affected by a series of issues, some of them critical.

WindowsLatest reports users are facing Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crashes, alongside smaller issues like program crashes and slow performance. It seems the KB4566782 security update is causing a range of issues.

For example, users are experiencing system slowdowns, longer boot times, and a drop in FPS counts. Other complaints include hard drives crashing, File Explorer freezing, and system shutdowns.

Oh dear, Microsoft. It seems every month, Patch Tuesday releases result in an array of issues in Windows 10. Let’s not forget the monthly cumulative updates are meant to fix problems on the platform. All too frequently, these fixes are bringing their own issues.

Consistent Issues

There has been an increasing issue where Microsoft patches are fixing one issue but causing others. We have seen this recently with a fix for Windows Search that has left users unable to boot their PCs.

In April, that month’s release also triggered BSODs in Windows 10. In March, the cumulative update left Microsoft Defender not showing some files. Specifically, the security suite was ignoring some files when running a full or quick scan of the system.

As always, if you are affected by the latest Patch Tuesday blunder, you can avoid the problems by uninstalling the update. To do so, head to Settings and pause any updates until Microsoft issues a fix.