Google Working on Windows 10 Web Sharing in ChromeOS

Google is leveraging the Web Share API to bring native Windows 10 web sharing to its ChromeOS platform on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

is working on bringing 10 web sharing to devices that runs its platform. Currently in development, this would bring the same experience of native web sharing currently available on the company's Android ecosystem.

On , 's Chrome Web Share API will function in 10 and on ChromeOS. Of course, the main reason Google would be aiming to achieve this is to provide more to native applications.

According to Techtsp, the testing is focused on Edge for Android and Chrome for Android. Both those browsers are running on Google's Chromium engine and it seems both will support the Web Share API across platforms eventually.

Google says integration of the API for ChromeOS and the Chrome browser on is coming:

“Web Share integrates with the operating system sharing system. It is currently only supported on Android. Support for Chrome OS and Windows is expected in Q3 or Q4, 2020,” explains.

Useful or Not?

So, what exactly does the API means for users? Well, applications can use Web Share to allow to share links to other apps. This would mean they function like native app experiences, and this extends to progressive web apps (PWAs).

Edge already supports the API on Android and Windows 10. However, it is worth asking whether the web share ability is even worth it. Certainly, major apps like Skype, Facebook, and Messenger no longer support native share. Even Microsoft has not really shown the idea much love with functionality on Edge patchy at best.