The new Microsoft Your Phone features are coming thick and fast of late. It seems Redmond is ramping up its efforts ahead of the launch of the Surface Phone Android smartphone. Windows 10 Insiders can now pull in a new update that adds Calling from Messages to the app.

As this is an Insider update, it means the features is currently in testing and should come to Your Phone on Windows 10 in the future. Users can leverage this ability to respond directly to a text message with a phone call.

If you’re unfamiliar with Your Phone, it is a bridging application that lets users view and use their smartphone on their Windows desktop.

It has not been smooth sailing for Your Phone to reach the sort of functionality that will make it valuable to users. Microsoft decided to take an approach of evolving the app by adding new features incrementally.

It meant Your Phone was devoid of some essential tools for a long time. That cautious approach has been frustrating sometimes, but recent features have expanded Your Phone beyond mere novelty.

Recent Features

Earlier this month we discussed another inbound Your Phone feature that will expand the usefulness of the app. Specifically, more robust image management is coming to the service.

When the feature arrives, it will allow users to collect images from their smartphone on their Windows PC. Furthermore, the Your Phone desktop app will also provide the ability to browse through images and delete them.

Also this month, we reported on Microsoft testing device syncing on the app.