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Office 365 to Get Custom “+” Email Addresses This Quarter

Microsoft says it is bringing subaddressing to its Office 365 suite, allowing users to create custom tagged email addresses.


is adding a feature to that will likely be welcomed by many users. According to the company, custom email addressing will come to the cloud productivity suite during this quarter.

If you're unfamiliar with custom email addressing, it is a feature that can be provided by email clients. It is also known as subaddressing and is a part of the RFC 5233 internet standard. Users can extend their email address through the + symbol or tags.

For example, an email address of [email protected] can, the subaddressing feature can extend the email to [email protected]. If an email client supports the tool, emails sent to the [email protected] will be received in [email protected].

Users can choose any unique tag they like. What's important about this tool is it will allow Office 365 users to create as many custom email addresses as they like. These can be sent out to third-parties without compromising their original email address.

It's a good way to see how email addresses are shared online. Despite this, its not a widely adopted feature across email clients. does support it in Gmail, but other major clients like AOL and Yahoo do not.

Microsoft does, and has in fact since the days of Hotmail back in 2013. However, the company never evolved support to the Exchange tool within Office 365. That's changing in the coming weeks and months with development for support close to an end.

Recent Updates

Last month, Microsoft brought a Safe Documents feature to Office 365. This adds to the current Protected View that is a default security feature on Office 365. Safe Documents has been in private preview since February this year.

With Protected View, Office 365 applications can open suspicious files in a special “read-only” environment. Users cannot edit these files by default but can choose to do so if they deem the content trustworthy.

Last Updated on September 14, 2020 4:24 pm CEST

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