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Microsoft Tweaks Sales and Support for New Fiscal Year

Microsoft has begun its now traditional yearly reorganization, this time with a focus on its sales and support businesses.


At this time of year, it's not unusual for to implement a reorganization of some sort. In fact, it has become a yearly tradition for a July reshuffle, whether it's a shake-up of the executive team or integrating divisions. Of course, this is an ideal time because it is the end of Microsoft's fiscal year (June 30).

With that in mind, 2020 will be no different. ZDNet reports this year's changes will include Microsoft's sales and support divisions. Specifically, it seems the company will reorganize technical account managers, the Customer Success unit, and other support-oriented staff.

Clearly, Microsoft is looking for a more efficient customer use experience. It hopes the shuffle will help foster an improved experience across its products and services. Importantly, it seems Microsoft won't be embarking on any widespread layoffs from these divisions.

That's welcome news in the economic troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the company will have small layoffs, but the report suggests these will be normal business staff turnovers.

Changing Titles

As we have seen over the last year, Microsoft is also tweaking the titles and roles of its executive teams. This year, Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are being renamed “CSAMs,” or “Customer Success Account Managers”.

These employees will work under the Customer Success unit. Microsoft will also change the name of Premier Field Engineers to “Customer Engineers”. It is unclear if roles will change or whether the company is just seeking a more streamlined naming convention.

In recent years, Microsoft has used July to create a new Market Group for Microsoft 365 and moved numerous teams under the Experience and Devices division.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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