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Xbox Series S (Lockhart) is Perfect for Modern Gaming Say Ex-Sony Engineer

An ex-Sony engineer has said Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series S (Project Lockhart) will compete with the PS5 Digital Edition despite lower power.


Despite the and still being in their pre-launch cycles, the race is on to see which emerge victorious during the next generation of game consoles. Sony has already announced the PlayStation 5 alongside a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. has confirmed the Xbox Series X and there are rumors of an (Project Lockhart).

Lockhart is the answer to the PS5 Digital Edition. It too will be an all-digital console at a lower price point than the Xbox Series X. This means Sony and Microsoft will be competing across two console markets. However, one ex-Sony employee says Microsoft's console is “perfect” for modern gaming.

Last week, The Verge's Tom Warren suggested on Twitter the Xbox Series S will have a lesser-powered GPU and just 1080p resolution. Still, the console will also get the same CPU and SSD as it's more powerful Series X sibling.

Despite this lower power, ex-Sony engineer Matt Hargett said the architecture used in Microsoft's SoC will allow Lockhart to be competitive against the PS5 Digital Edition.

“Tom is often fast and loose with technical facts, but I'm with him on checking people who think that having “only” 20 CUs will hold back next-gen games,” said Hargrett. “Twenty 5nm RDNA2 CUs seems perfect for a modern portable gaming hardware profile at 720p/1080p that's compatible with 900 games.”

It is worth noting Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the Xbox Series S. However, in recent weeks there has been enough smoke to suggest a fire.

Interestingly, the possibility to both devices arriving side-by-side was squashed by Microsoft. The company insisted Xbox Series X would launch alone. Everything that has happened since suggests that is the case.

It is likely the Series X will launch this year and Microsoft will announce the Series S during this timeframe. The digital console could then launch in 2021. It is believed Sony is looking at a similar launch cycle for its two PS5 variants.

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