Back in the old(er) days of Windows, users would be able to customize and manage the platform through the Control Panel. When Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft debuted a new Settings app that it wants to evolve into the central hub of the platform on Windows 10. However, the Control Panel still remains a part of the OS too.

Microsoft’s reasoning for maintaining the Control Panel over those eight years was it needed the Settings app up to speed. In other words, the Windows 10 Settings app needed to be able to handle all user options.

It seems the company may now be taking significant steps towards removing the Control Panel. Specifically, Microsoft is working on removing the “Systems” applet in the Windows 10 Control Panel.

As the Settings app is now mature, the removal of this applet could signal a push away from the panel. If you’re unfamiliar with the Systems applet, it is the access point to the fundamental options and tools for your Windows system. Here you can see information such as system type, Windows build number, manufacturer, memory, and so on.


With the recent Windows 10 Insider Preview build 20161, the Control Panel System applet is redirecting users to the Settings app. More specifically, to the “About” section of the Settings app (Settings > System > About).

Furthermore, when users conduct a Windows Search for System, Windows 10 will surface the About page in Settings.

It is worth noting Windows 10 Insider Preview build 20161 is a Windows 10 21H1 update. In other words, it won’t be finalized until next year. Unless Microsoft continues to kill off applets it seems the Windows 10 Control Panel will be part of the build when it ships to end users next spring.

Still, it is clear the full migration to the Settings app is entering a critical phase.