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Amazon Honeycode Targets Microsoft PowerApps as a Low-Code Developer Solution

Amazon Web Services has announced Amazon Honeycode, a low-code app development service that rivals Microsoft PowerApps.


Amazon has this week announced a big push against 's PowerApps suite. Through Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company will deliver Amazon Honeycode, which targets individual developers with low-code solutions.

PowerApps allows developers and businesses create applications without needing to use coding, and it is now available in public preview. There are now over 100 integrations within PowerApps, with this update bringing tighter integration with Azure Functions.

The service is a part of Microsoft's Power Platform alongside Flow and Power BI.

Amazon Honeycode is offering a major competitor to Microsoft's service. AWS says Honeycode will allow citizen developers to access tools to create mobile and web apps. Importantly, users won't need any prior knowledge of programming or coding.

Below are some of the benefits Amazon touts:

  • “Users can use a simple visual application builder to create highly interactive web and mobile applications. Backed by a powerful AWS-built database to perform tasks like tracking data over time and notifying users of changes, routing approvals, and facilitating interactive business processes.
  • Users can create applications that range in complexity from a task-tracking application for a small team to a project management system that manages a complex workflow for multiple teams or departments.
  • Customers can get started creating applications in minutes, build applications with up to 20 users for free, and only pay for the users and storage for larger applications”


Microsoft seemed to have the low-code market to itself after pulled its App Maker solution earlier this year. However, Amazon is now providing a major new rival in the space.

Launched in 2016, Google App Maker provided IT developers with a platform for building apps within the G Suite low-code service. It is worth noting App Maker is currently still operational for this year, but Google has already stopped development.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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