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Google Wants Microsoft’s Help to Improve Flutter

Google believes a collaboration with Microsoft will help the Google Flutter UI framework to expand and improve.


Flutter is a UI framework that works across platforms to help developers leverage a unified codebase for building user interfaces. It works across , iOS, desktop, and the web. Debuted in 2018, Google Flutter has remained in use and the company announced v1.2 a year ago.

In a Medium post, Google says it is now seeking 's help to improve Flutter on Redmond's Surface hardware. Tim Sneath, Google product manager, said collaborating with Microsoft will ensure a better experience.

“We've been working informally with various contributors to explore different solutions here, and would gladly support a close collaboration with Microsoft to complete a high-quality solution. With the Surface family of devices extended to include Android and Windows, we think Flutter offers Microsoft a compelling platform for building beautiful native experiences that span their entire portfolio.”

With over 50,000 apps now using Flutter, the framework is thriving. However, with Microsoft's help, Sneath believes more apps can be created.

Seeking Help

He says Google wants to work with Microsoft on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Win32 apps. It seems the goal is to expand Flutter to Windows 10X and Xbox. It is worth noting Google is simply stating its desire to work with Microsoft and no collaboration has started.

In fact, Microsoft has not replied to Sneath's comments. However, the Surface Duo SDK does have support for Flutter.

If you are unfamiliar with Flutter, it is a framework solution to create a single UI experience across Google services cross-platform. That means users would eventually see the same design language on Chrome, Android, iOS, and elsewhere. It is a similar situation to Microsoft's increasingly unified UI experience.

Short Note: We recommend checking out the article from itCraft, an experienced software house from Poland, comparing the once-leading cross-platform framework React Native with Flutter. Their insight on Google's technology will help you understand better why Flutter is a universal, high-quality solution for creating robust mobile apps.

Last Updated on February 17, 2022 10:16 am CET

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