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Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar Gains YouTube Picture-in-Picture Widget

A new widget for the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 allows users to watch YouTube videos while using another application.


These days, 's for has its own app store of sorts. Specifically, the Widget Store allows developers to create and promote tools for the bar. Since Microsoft's launch of the store in earlier this year, the list of third-party widgets is growing.

The latest handy addition for Xbox Game Bar is designed to make gameplay easier. Discovered by Windows Central, a new Gamebar Overlay allows users to watch YouTube videos picture-in-picture when playing a game.

If you've ever been stuck on a game part and sought help from the gaming sages on YouTube, you will value this widget. It saves time on having to use a second screen to find help. In fact, this widget is not just specific to games and will work for any app.

Like other widgets, the YouTube Gamebar Overlay can be pinned to the Xbox Game Bar through the favorites selection on the widget list.

Users firing up the widget can input a URL or video. Windows Central reports the search tool for the widget does not seem to be working at the moment. In fact, it seemingly crashes the widget. Of course, it's worth remembering this is a tool created by a hobbyist but we hope those little glitches are resolved soon.

Importantly, users can resize the widget to make a video as small or big as they want. It is worth noting the widget is not directly tied to YouTube, so you cannot sign in to your /YouTube account.

Growing Number of Game Bar Widgets

Last month, developers added more functionality to the Xbox Game Bar by bringing a calculator and web browser to the tool.

The first is a calculator. Sure, it is not a complex number counter, but the widget will allow users to perform simple arithmetic while playing a game on Windows 10. Next up is a web browser, which is probably the more useful of the two new widgets.

This is a lightweight browser that is a single tab experience for quick internet searches and opening websites.

You can download the new YouTube picture-in-picture widget from the Microsoft Store here.

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