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Microsoft’s Xbox Lockhart Shows Up in Windows 10 Files

It seems that Microsoft’s all-digital Xbox Lockhart is real but could this next generation console be arriving after the Xbox Series X?


's Xbox division is currently in full swing promoting the upcoming console. Scheduled to launch this holiday season, the Series X represents the cutting edge of gaming. However, Microsoft was also reportedly working on a lower-powered console codenamed Xbox Lockhart.

Since Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X, talk about Xbox Lockhart has mostly died. Now it seems the console does indeed exist, or was at least once in development. Twitter users TitleOS published Windows 10 files that show Xbox Lockhart mentioned.

The console is listed alongside its Xbox stablemates: Xbox Durango (the original Xbox One), Xbox Scorpio (Xbox One X) and Xbox Anaconda (Xbox Series X). Furthermore, the files also discuss profiling methods for the console.


You may remember Xbox Lockhart was supposed to be an all-digital console that would sit alongside the Series X. In some respects, we could view the device as the next generations Xbox One S while the Xbox Series X is the Xbox One X replacement.

The possibility to both devices arriving side-by-side was squashed by Microsoft. The company insisted Xbox Series X would launch alone. Everything that has happened since suggests that is the case.

However, it is now obvious Lockhart did exist at one point and may still indeed be in development. If it does ever become a released product, it won't be with the Series X this year. Instead, Lockhart may arrive sometime after the launch of the flagship console. Of course, it might never launch at all.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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