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Microsoft Patent Shows Magnetic Hinge for Future Surface Duo Models

A Microsoft Patent shows how future Surface Duo devices could use magnetic hinges to connect together, and with peripherals.


is now firmly operating in the dual-screen hardware space. The company's Windows 10X device may have been delayed, but the -powered is on course for an end-of-year launch.

However, it's worth pointing out that the Surface Duo will likely only be the first of a new generation dual-screen hardware. In a new , the company showcases the hinge system it plans to use on future Surface devices.

Of course, we have already seen the Surface Duo, but what we know of the hardware comes from a prototype. In the patent, Microsoft sheds a bit more light on the finer workings of the hinge. It is essentially a fully magnetic component.

Patently reports Microsoft's use of magnets could allow folding Surface devices to be connected together. Furthermore, dual-screened devices like the Surface Duo could also easily attach to peripherals like keyboards.

One of the clearest pieces of the information about the mechanism is there is no actual structure in place.

Looking Ahead

As with all patents, there's a chance Microsoft is just covering its bases and has no plans to develop this technology. However, considering the company's increasing interest in this type of hardware, it makes sense this idea could one day come to a future Surface Duo or Surface Neo.

Last month, some more details about specs for the Duo emerged. Microsoft's upcoming Surface Duo Android smartphone courtesy of a spec leak. Specs include an 11MP camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and 6GB of RAM. Microsoft's first smartphone in years will also come with support for the Surface Pen.

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