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Leak: Microsoft’s Project Mercury Xbox Store Embraces Fluent Design

Microsoft’s Project Mercury Xbox Store is likely to arrive on the Xbox Series X and is heavily influenced by Fluent Design.


is preparing to launch the console at the end of this year. The device will come with a new UI that is different to the current . Among the new-look services will be a new store. Microsoft is developing the new store under the codename Project Mercury Xbox Store.

In a leak/exclusive, Windows Central has gotten its hands on the Project Mercury Xbox Store and given a brief tour of the UI. First things first, it is clear the store is heavily centered on Microsoft's .

If you're unfamiliar with Fluent Design, it is Microsoft's universal aesthetic that is used across services and platforms. It is an evolving UI design that will play a big role in the look of the front end on the Xbox Series X. It is also worth noting any new UI for the Series X will also roll out on the Xbox One consoles.

Because the Mercury Xbox Store is based on Fluent Design, it has the hallmarks of the aesthetic. For example, acrylic blur, a clearer font, and rounded corners. Most aspects of the interface are animated to make navigation and the user experience more dynamic.

How it Works

Of course, Microsoft has kept all the core features and functionality in the Xbox Store. So, you'll still find the ability to search for content, and features like trailers, app info, including reviews, screenshots, and more.

Users can also tap into Microsoft Movies & TV store and the Xbox app store.

It is worth noting Microsoft has not confirmed when Project Mercury will be ready. However, it seems likely that the new experience will be ready by the time the Xbox Series X launches during the year-end holiday season.

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