AMD continues to become an increasingly potent rival to fellow chipmaker Intel. Since launching its Ryzen series of processors several years ago, AMD has made consistent gains against Intel’s market dominance. In the latest step forward for the company a recent survey shows AMD is making ground on Intel in the gaming realm.

Specifically, AMD processors are gaining CPU market share on Steam. Each month, Steam publishes its Hardware and Software Survey. This shows usage statistics across the platform, including operating system and other metrics… including processors.

Last month, Intel machines continued to be the most used on Steam, with 77.54 percent of users. However, AMD enjoyed a 0.74 percent boost and now has 22.45 percent of the usage market. Since January, the company’s share has increased by over one percent.

Of course, Intel still has a 55 percent lead so don’t expect AMD to take over. However, it is clear the gaming chip market is becoming more competitive. It’s a trend we have also seen across other areas away from gaming.

That said, it is worth remembering this survey only looks at a single platform.

GPU Data

AMD also makes GPUs, but it’s success in this area is more limited. Steam says Nvidia remains the leading GPU maker amongst its users. In fact, Nvidia GPUs make up the top nine spots in terms of GPU usage. AMD is tenth and then the rest of the list holding at least one percent of the market is made of Nvidia products.

For full details about CPU usage, check out Steams results here. For GPU data, head here. And finally, for a look across the whole report, click here.